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Hi Jack..The wedding was fantastic and all the the guys looked amazing in your suits.Thank you so much for a brilliant job!!
Tuesday 31st July 2018

It has been great to work with Jack on many suits over the years. The hole team makes you feel welcome every time you enter the shop at the prestigious Raffles Singapore Hotel. Furthermore, Jack is also a very hands on boss. He is extremely reliable, flexible, professional and has a good eye for detail. His name stands for quality and he always listens to all customer needs! I can highly recommend Jack. Outstanding work my friend! Christian Sack
Christian Sack
Wednesday 15th October 2014

Dear Jack, All garments arrived in perfect condition today. Everything is according to agreement and fits beautifully. Thanks. Kind regards also to your sweet wife Bente and Anders
Bente and Anders
Tuesday 11th September 2012

Greetings to Michael from Ukraine, I wanted to write and say thanks again for the wonderful shirts. They look and feel terrific. I look forward to seeing you again next time I am in Singapore. Kind regards Jon McKee Queen
Jon McKee Queen
Tuesday 9th December 2014

HI Lalitha. The second suit pants arrived today together with that lovely tie for which we thank you. If you feel it appropriate you may wish to add the photo we sent you for incorporation in your website testimonials with say. Barry wearing the new suit, shirt and Bev with the new top at a formal night. The clothes were produced in record time and fitted beautifully. Jack certainly has our best wishes and thanks for his craftsmanship Barry & Bev Haynes
Barry & Bev Haynes
Friday 12th December 2014

Hi Mr. Kumar, In September 2014 I've ordered few shirts from you, they are wonderful. Will it be possible to order four more to be ready by Thursday night at the latest. Please, make me a quote by mail. Best regards, Alexei Khamidulin
Alexei Khamidulin
Tuesday 10th March 2015

Hello, I have ordered shirts with you and that was a while ago :) I would like to know if you keep the sizes of customers and if I could order remotely. (my sizing hasn't changed) When I used your services I was based in London and now I am based in Moscow. Do you visit Moscow? Is 10 shirts still the min order and what would be the price? Thank you in advance, Alexander
Sunday 15th March 2015

Hi Just a quick note to thank you for the two shirts you sent last week. They both arrived fine, and fit well. Cheers Ken Warren
Ken Warren
Monday 21st September 2015

Hi Michel We arrived well back home. We think back often to you and your team. Again many thanks for your efforts. We are proud to be customers of you. You did a great job and all of us are happy to have nice clothes from you. Please find enclosed three photos of Daniel. We did some pictures in our garden from his new jacket and trousers. As you can see he is proud of your work. Best regards from all of us. Thomas Erdös
Thomas Erdös
Thursday 22nd October 2015

Hello Sheila Happy New Year! I would like to order 3 new blue shirts for my husband Viktor Mayer-Schönberger. When he was in your shop last year he chose a new blue fabric, actually he chose 2 different fabrics. He would like 3 new shirts made out of one of these fabrics. Unfortunately there are no numbers in the shirt so we need to use pictures for the new order. He prefers the fabric-shirt on the RIGHT side – it’s a bit more blue than the other. I attached a few images – can you recognize the right fabric? I will be in Singapore later this month and would pick them up (and pay) by January 24, 2016 – would that work Kind regards Birgit
Thursday 7th January 2016

Dear Jack, Since I’ve been very ill coming back from Singapore, I only find time now to send you the Cerruti jacket with the missing pocket. I’ll send it by post this afternoon. I really appreciate your offer to repair the jacket. Although my suit might be ready by now, I don’t mind when you send the suit and the jacket together, since I’m in no hurry. It was very nice talking with you last week and I’m looking forward to hearing from you. Kindest regards Hans
Wednesday 27th January 2016

Hi Jack and team I need two new white shirts in a hurry. Long sleeve, measurements as before, except I need half inch on the collar as these will be worn with a tie. Material as per previous white shirts. Please advise price and potential shipping. Destination is The Netherlands. Thanks Dave
Thursday 31st March 2016

Dear Jack I hope this email finds you well. I would like to order the same shirt (same size, same fabric – without pocket) as in 2015. Could you confirm me the price? Many thanks Pierre-Michaël
Sunday 15th May 2016

Thanks Jack I received the shirts today. They look good :) Regards David Campbell
David Campbell
Thursday 26th May 2016

Dear Jack Custom Tailors I wish to inform you that, my 2 trousers, 1 jacket and 2 shirts arrived safely. My wife and I are more than satisfied with the finding. I am most impressed with the results. Thank you for everything. Yours Sincerely Peter Cooke
Peter Cooke
Sunday 26th June 2016

Hello, In November 2013 you Jack Custom Tailors made a Jacket for me. Unfortunately, I lost it during travels so now I need a new one. Do you still have my original file? And are you able to take new measurements from distance and ship the jacket to The Netherlands? Also, what will the costs be for a jacket using the same fabrics? Best Regards Yannic van Moerkerk
Yannic van Moerkerk
Monday 27th June 2016

Michael, Hope all well with you, I would like to order some more white shirts, identical to those you made me in June. Ideally 3 without cuffling and 2 with cuffling. What price can you make me? Thank you in advance, Saludos cordiales Hans Bredrup
Hans Bredrup
Tuesday 2nd August 2016

Hello, I was in the US Navy a few years ago and while deployed was able to visit Jack’s Tailor shop. I enjoyed my clothing and am interested in ordering more. Is it possible to order online or via email? Best Tarek Elmasry
Tarek Elmasry
Monday 8th August 2016

Hello, I was in the US Navy a few years ago and while deployed was able to visit Jack’s Tailor shop. I enjoyed my clothing and am interested in ordering more. Is it possible to order online or via email? Best Tarek Elmasry
Tarek Elmasry
Thursday 8th September 2016

Hallo Mr Jack, I am so happy with the shirts you tailored for me, they fit beautiful. My question I would need 1 long sleeve and 1short sleeve shirt, same super quality material only in pure white. You do have the measurements, please let me know if this is possible. Best regards to your wife Greeting from Germany Wolfgang and Sybille Sipli
Wolfgang and Sybille Sipli
Thursday 8th September 2016

I will be in SG in late Sept and hopefully will have lost more weight. Time-permitting I will come by and discuss pants with you as I now find I need more khakis, etc. instead of suits for business casual meetings. Thanks Best Regards Peter A. Stonefield
Peter A. Stonefield
Monday 31st October 2016

Dear sir We have spent a few days in Singapore this August. We also have visited your shop and you have tailored a few shirts for my husband. You have his measurements too. Today, I would like to ask you to send us samples for elegant and casual trousers. If you need more details, do not hesitate to contact us. Thank you for your cooperation. Kind Regards Mrs Renate Suter
Sunday 18th September 2016

Dear Lalitha, I have been meaning to email you for the last month but the holidays have distracted me. The dress is perfect and I have enjoyed wearing it during the festive season celebrating Christmas. I hope you have located a new premise for your shop and that you continue to get well. Can you send me some swatches if it is possible. A happy new year thank you. Bliss. Patricia
Tuesday 17th January 2017

Hi Lalitha, my lace dresses arrived and apart from some minor alterations which I can do here in London they are great - thank you! All the best Mrs Gail Seal
Gail Seal
Friday 20th January 2017

My wife and I were in Singapore 4 or 5 years ago and I purchased several dress shirts. Do you still have my size and the same quality and type of cloth? What are current prices? They are great shirts. Best Kevin
Monday 30th January 2017

Dear Jack and Michael I have been meaning to drop you a line since we came back to the UK at the end of January. Many thanks for the shirts and the trousers you shipped over to Penarth for us. The clothes arrived safely and they were a perfect fit for both of us ! In the future if we were to order more trousers and shirts from you, what would be the procedure? Kind regards Darren Owakee and Mike Maguire
Darren Owakee and Mike Maguire
Monday 20th February 2017

Dear Jack and Sheila My new shirt arrived yesterday – many thanks Best regards Chris
Wednesday 1st March 2017

Hello Jack, Sheila, Lalitha, Michael, I will be in Singapore for one week next week for business. Arriving Sunday March 5 very late, departing Friday, March 10, very early. What I need is a black or dark grey suit for some upcoming events. You have my measurements already, I believe. I am the same size, plus 2kg. So, I would like to commission a suit ASAP and find out the pricing from you. Ideally, I would carry the suit with me on Friday, 10 March, from Singapore. Please let me know if this is possible and what are the pricing options? Thank you so much and kind regards, Andrew Kowles
Andrew Kowles
Friday 3rd March 2017

Dear friends, Jack, Michael and Sheila, and please don't forget the lady at the desk. I forget her name. How are you all. I am enjoying your fine workmanship and wear a new suit every day to work. And there are many compliments to be had from all directions. Would be nice to hear a word from you. Daniel Weiler MD ISRAEL
Daniel Weiler MD
Monday 6th February 2017

Hello Jack I purchased a suit in October last year whilst I was in Singapore. I have a business trip back in Singapore in the next week or so. Would you be able to alter the trousers for me please if I dropped them in personally on a weekend...? Paul Lampey
Paul Lampey
Wednesday 8th March 2017

Jack I hope you are keeping well. I am going to be passing through Singapore on Thursday night and was wondering if you could fit me in. Sadly, I land at Changi at 8:30pm and my hotel at 7:30am the following morning. I wanted to have some shirts made up if possible. I have a three hour lay-over tomorrow (Wednesday) at Changi as well if that helps Thanks Parag Gandesha
Parag Gandesha
Wednesday 29th March 2017

Jack, I would like to order 6 shirts without a pocket, same collar, same size as on record. Initials on the sleeve, I am still living in Banff, so I will need these sent to my address I would like the classic cotton shirt Please advise how we handle the possible customs duty? David Roberts
David Roberts
Wednesday 29th March 2017

Hi Jack Tailor team, You're very satisfied client has lost weight -10 kg and all my suits and shirts start to hang a little lose... Do you think it is possible to adjust them to fit the new Mr Klingstrom? I am en route to Australia beginning of May and could drop by for you to take new measurements and also leave the stuff in your competent hands. Best regards
Lars Klingström
Wednesday 5th April 2017

Dear Jack & Sheila, I received the suits yesterday. Thank you. Beautiful craftsmanship as ever. I would like to order 3 more shirts and 2 more suits but would like to know how much each will cost, and how long it will take to make the clothes. I have samples of the fabrics I want, and would send those to you so you can match the fabrics. What are your thoughts please? Barrie
Saturday 27th May 2017

You may remember when you were in Sydney two years ago you took my old favourite shirt and mad me Identical new ones. You also made my son a beautiful dinner suit for his wedding. I wondered if you could take my favourite skirt, now frayed like my shirt and make me a new one? It is A-line two front facing pockets, pleat either side at front. It is made from chino cotton fabric. My sister is coming to Singapore next week for two days and could bring the old skirt to you. Could you give me an idea of cost? Could you tell me your hours of opening? She will arrive in Singapore at 6pm Sunday May 7. Many thanks Kind regards Erica Potter
Erica Potter
Sunday 30th April 2017

Trousers have arrived yesterday and fit well as expected.
Wednesday 24th May 2017

Hope all is well. How much for 2 shirts – I am looking for another blue and white stripped, French cuff with monogram (SBR), and a sky blue shirt. For each I need the shirt tails to be a bit longer. Let me know Regards Scott
Thursday 25th May 2017

Hello Jack, I purchased 6 shirts (5 short sleeve) from you on our visit about February 26-27, 2017. I would like to have some more shirts made but I cannot see how I can select patterns on your website. Please advise. Regards Ron Warren
Ron Warren
Wednesday 7th June 2017

Dear Madam/Sir: Many years ago, I visited your fine establishment and had some WHITE SHIRTS made- LOVED THEM. I wish to have more made (minimally, 6, white and same style). By chance, do you still have my measurements on file? Or, shall I send you a shirt you had made to make 6 more? Please advise & Thank You. Dr Joseph KALVAITIS Chicago USA
Saturday 10th June 2017

Dear Madam/Sir: Many years ago, I visited your fine establishment and had some WHITE SHIRTS made- LOVED THEM. I wish to have more made (minimally, 6, white and same style). By chance, do you still have my measurements on file? Or, shall I send you a shirt you had made to make 6 more? Please advise & Thank You. Dr Joseph KALVAITIS Chicago USA 10/06/2017
Anthony Hourihan
Wednesday 1st April 2015